Average Joe Meets Superwoman

Average Joe Meets Superwoman

I was feeling naturally sexy. My hair was in twists which barley reached my neck, swooped up to the side, with a real flower behind my ear, my sun dress fell just above my knees, cut low in the back and the front left just enough to the imagination. I had forgone the make-up, but my freshly done french tipped hand and toes and simple jewelry more than made up for it. I felt pretty in a “I’m just doing me” sort of way and I guess it showed because he noticed. At first I thought he was just being polite when he opened the door for me. He was on his way out and I was coming  in, but he waited a few seconds longer than needed. Appreciating the gesture, I flash him a smile and said thank you. He flashes one back and tilts his head, “you’re welcome” he returns.

I continue in the build and was half way up the escalator before I realized he was behind me. “Im sorry he began, “I just could not walk away and never know your name.” He smiles again. This time I notice his dimples. He is looking a little rough with his painter’s suit, but somehow sexy. He is very cute and his gentlemanly gestures had already earned him points. “My name is Shaun,” I respond. He seems surprised by my response, my voice, my tone, my something…his confidence seems to fade. He seems suddenly aware of his appearance. “Just getting off work” he says somewhat apolitically, “headed to play some bon..I mean dominoes with my boys…do you know how to play?” I resist the urge to laugh. “Do I know how to play?, I think to myself, I am the spades, bid whist, dominoes champ of the west!  But I did not say this. Now I kinda wish that I had.

We talk for a couple seconds longer, exchange numbers and go our separate ways…I sigh, I’ve been here before. He seems really nice, sweet and like someone I would at least like to take a chance to get to know. But this is not a Tyler Perry movie. I would be TOTALLY willing to date a regular working man, who treats me good and makes me laugh, but he would have to be confident enough in himself to date me. To feel comfortable with my worlds. In reality, every time I have tried, he seems not to feel comfortable with the black tie or political crowds/events that I sometimes frequent. And truthfully, I am tired of going to these damn things alone!

So what is a superwoman to do…wait for superman? And if that is the answer, what should I do at the times when superman is off saving all the other women who seem to be waiting for him as well. Call me selfish, but I don’t want to share. Average, down to earth guy is more my type, wish I was his.

Note sure if there are any answers here, just pouring out a few thoughts. BTW…if you are wondering how the encounter (which made itself blog worthy) turned out… he never called. Neither did I. Maybe that is the real point. Superwoman and average Joe might be a wonderful match…if only one of us would have…should have…could have…didn’t call.

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