Politically Fatigued!

Politically Fatigued!

I consider myself to be a closet political junkie. I love current events, especially current political events. I read about the candidates, their positions, I have even been guilty of comparing their voting records. When a controversy threatened to brew over Michele Obama’s thesis, I located and read it from start to finish (all 25 or so pages). I vote in every election, from local, to state, to national. I am that person who votes for school boards and I do not have children! And while most people are bumping Lollipop songs during their commute, I am listening to NPR (that’s National Public Radio).

I love to read about politics and I love to write about it … and worse my friends and family enable me. They constantly send me emails with links to political editorials and articles. As an avid Obama supporter, this political season can be likened to locking a wino in a winery. I have just gotten drunk with the stuff! But now, with 2 months left till the ballots (mercifully) being cast, I find myself politically fatigued!

I can’t take it anymore. The attacks, the questions, the never ending commentaries, the debates, the evaluation of the debate, the criticism, the sexism, the racism, and the meaningless banter! I don’t want to hear about it anymore! I just want to vote and be done with it. I want to go to rehab and recover…but I can’t because bill boards, radio, TV, newspapers and magazines, ALL media outlets are conspiring against my recovery!

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