Growing Older…

She wanted to know if I wanted to dye my hair. It wasn’t a random question. The dye would cover my newly emerged gray hairs. There are like seven now, distinctive and long. When did that happen? It had only been a year since I discovered my first gray hair (singular) in the mirror, while … Continue reading

New Rules: Dating in Los Angeles

New Rules: Dating in Los Angeles

New Rules: Dating in Los Angeles (Sorry Ladies)…I have to call it like I see it sometimes. This is not a blog that all are going to like or co-sign on, and that is okay. I am merely providing an analysis of the opinion of men I have spoken with (whether I agree with them … Continue reading

I am Single by Choice…

I am Single by Choice…

I am Single by Choice… Or NOT. But that sounded good right? It sounds even better when our friends say it with us as we dance around in our girl huddle, together on Valentines Day! Just us girls, together. No men. Yeah! Actually no… it doesn’t sound convincing good then either, it sounds kind of … Continue reading

All the Single Ladies???? Uh-Ohhhhhh!

All the Single Ladies???? Uh-Ohhhhhh!

All the Single Ladies???? Uh-Ohhhhhh! This Blog was inspired by a recent conversation with my brother. He walks over and says hello, or I smile and cross the room or we meet through a mutual friend. Who knows? I am not sure how it happens, but we meet. He tells me something interesting, I reply … Continue reading

For Colored Girls…So what’s your point again?

For Colored Girls…So what’s your point again? This past weekend I, like many African American/ Black (depending on how you self identify) women flocked to the theater to see the Tyler Perry adaption of 1975 play by Ntozake Shange “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf.” It was the black … Continue reading

An Uncompromising Position

An Uncompromising Position Not sure how always find myself in these situations, but there I was again. Sitting in a room with 4 men (all 45+) as one begins to complain about his wife. The conversation center around why he puts the toilet seat down and was riddled with foolish ideas of his compromising in … Continue reading

Average Joe Meets Superwoman

Average Joe Meets Superwoman I was feeling naturally sexy. My hair was in twists which barley reached my neck, swooped up to the side, with a real flower behind my ear, my sun dress fell just above my knees, cut low in the back and the front left just enough to the imagination. I had … Continue reading

Race to the Top—Emphasis on “Race”

Race to the Top—Emphasis on “Race” I love everything about myself from the color of my skin to the texture of my hair. Even the birthmark that covers my right leg gets wrapped up under the “Beautifully Flawed” moniker I gave myself a few years ago. I am a proud Black woman who until the … Continue reading

Politically Fatigued!

Politically Fatigued! I consider myself to be a closet political junkie. I love current events, especially current political events. I read about the candidates, their positions, I have even been guilty of comparing their voting records. When a controversy threatened to brew over Michele Obama’s thesis, I located and read it from start to finish … Continue reading

Eddie Wrong…Wrong…Wrong (Pause)

Eddie Wrong…Wrong…Wrong (Pause) Before I begin, let me make one thing clear. I CONSIDER MYSELF TO BE A CHRISTIAN. I am not an atheist, a naysayer or even a “spiritual but not religious.” I am a Christian, and I mean the type of Christian who was raised in the church, baptized in the pools, at … Continue reading

To the Church: From A Christian With Love

To the Church: From A Christian With Love Dear Church, I must admit, I am the last person expected to every write this letter. After all, since I was child sitting on the pews I have been taught to never question you. You represented what was right in the world. You represented the path, the … Continue reading

Dear Diary,

Dear Diary, It has been 4 months since I have written anything to you and I hope you don’t hold it against me. I have felt like Carrie from Sex and in the City, but instead of chasing my orgasm, I have been chasing words, a complete sentence or an original thought. Yet all three … Continue reading

The Hip Hop Lullaby

The Hip Hop Lullaby I’m sitting in a club wondering if at 30 I am already the old lady in the club I used to laugh and talk about. Clubbing is not really my thing anymore, I did it in college…but I am pretty much over it. I would much rather chill with some live … Continue reading

The Bride

The Bride She was beautiful. In fact, I had never seen a more beautiful bride. Her skin was perfect and golden brown from the sun. Her hair was playfully swept up with diamond pins that had been passed down through three generations. Her eyelashes caressed her face and her makeup was flawless. Her grown was … Continue reading